Producing the best sales leads is as well an expertise as an art that can be trained. One of the important concern to remember is that you are speaking with actual individuals. It's not about you. It's about them. Identify their frame of mind, their dreams and wishes. Then provide an answer. Develop a relationship and then an organization.

During your first greeting you can (and I recommend it) ask things like, "What's your typical day like?" Or, "Do you have any days off during the week?"

As some of you know, I'm the highly introverted (INFP) who is also a sales and marketing director for a company that sells both nationally and internationally.

Remember, the least space between almost any two points is some sort of straight line and you have got to keep this particular thought in mind anytime you're proactively trying to convince other individuals!

Remember, in order to consistently generate sales leads, we have to be proactive and persistent, and we must plan our prospecting to maximize our chances of being successful.

It's painful, boring, produces poor results and deep down you know there's a much better way. Nevertheless your sponsor will let you know it's not meant to be enjoyable and at times you need to do what you don't desire in order to get ahead.

What a large number of people overlook is that people choose to buy from individuals they know and trust. This thought process works well with the initial list of known men and women, but it sadly is a limited list. It is preferable to become the specialist in the specific niche market of your company and the products and services they are offering. By positioning yourself in this way, you are moving from the role of sales person to the role of advisor. By adopting the consultative stance, your MLM prospecting will become much more organic and free flowing.

3. The leads and prospects provided by the third party are all of high quality. In other words, these are sure shot sales when attended to in a sales system.

2- You don't concentrate on the other person enough- when folks listen to you, they are really listening for what is in it for THEM ! Much as somebody one might like you, they won't need to do opportunity with you until they see what they can get out of it- so make this abundantly clear.

I know this sounds crazily easy but half the time it is. If you know the name of the person you want to speak to then spend a couple of minutes looking on their website or doing a