1. Generate leads with a personal website. 2. Write articles to generate leads. 3. Use an auto responder to acknowledge your leads. 4. Create a blog for leads. 5. Have a leads generation plan and goal. …And many more!

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Is there an alternative to cold calling in sales prospecting? There is and it's good old Google! Ah, Google! Possibly the greatest invention of the 20th Century. What did we ever do without it? I know what I did without it because I was selling before it existed. I can remember spending a whole 4/5 days ringing the head offices of my target clients so that I could get their annual reports. These annual reports were like gold dust because they listed every regional office, they outlined the company's vision for the future and they gave the basic financial information about the company. In short they gave me all the information I needed to know to generate my sales strategy for the coming year. Way back in the day, that 4 days was the best investment in my sales year. What I did then was easy to do but it was also easy not to do. That's why many of my competitors never did this level of research. Today I could do that in a few hours. This also means that your rather less professional and lazier competition might be able to do the basics now too. Don't worry because you are just about to be introduced to some tools that I guarantee 95% of your competition has never heard of. Never mind are using. How much would you pay an administrative assistant to spend their entire day searching the internet for the latest news on: Your prospective Target clients companies Your prospective target individuals Your Competitors and/or their products and services Your Existing Clients Your Industry Your products or services Industry commentary Industry Trends Legislation relating to your Industry and your clients Industries People Blogging about your Industry People asking for help in forums about the products and services you provide? Anytime someone moves company? What competitive edge could you have by accessing that level of specialized knowledge on a daily basis? Would you be prepared to pay me 1,000 per month for that? The good news is Google gives you this for FREE! The better news in hardly anyone in sales has any idea of the power it can bring your business. Let me show you. 1. Google Alerts: Google alerts is perhaps the most powerful sales prospecting tool available today and yet very few people know about it. In the words of Google themselves: Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. Some handy uses of Google Alerts include: